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0 Jun 11 2010 @ 9:30am by Matt Smith in Random

The oddness in having a blog called Energy Burrito

I posted a depleted burrito bites this week, but wanted to post something today as Fridays are for fun. Since the start of the burrito a little over seven months ago, my search engine rankings have increased as the blog sees more volume (= awesomely awesome). However, having a rather odd name like Energy Burrito and posting random stuff about cartoon characters and popular culture means the blog is stumbled upon by people searching for non-energy stuff. So here is a list of my top ten favorite word searches that have directed traffic to the site:

—The whale burrito
—Wacky wine weekend risk management
—Summer spock
—Kiwi vs apple wrestling
—Lethal robot
—Optimistic plane pessimist parachute
—Plastic bottle banjo
—Beverly hillbillies
— brother
—Horse buttocks

Some of these I understand, and some deeply perplex me. And then there’s horse buttocks.

The second tidbit I have to share is popular links. The largest number of clicks have been (very coolly) on the link to subscribe and the Summit Energy website. However, the three other most popular links have been:

1) 51 ways to relieve stress (which speaks volumes).
2) This article about how hand sanitizer apparently doesn’t protect against flu. What a pent-up bunch of characters we are!
3) And the cyclist who somehow rides straight through a high-speed car crash without getting hit – which is totally amazing.

That’s all I’ve got, I just wanted to share. Have a wonderful weekend!

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