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0 Sep 25 2009 @ 1:30pm by Matt Smith in Capital Markets, Random

The Age Of Experience

curmudgeonWhen I worked in London, I worked with a older chap who had spent 35 years in financial markets. ????? He was the textbook definition of a curmudgeonly character, finding something to grumble about Ecoburner in absolutely everything. He swam against the tide; he fought for what he believed in, and stubbornly stuck to his guns until his short-term contract went abruptly unrenewed.

castleFor wholesale jerseys the majority of his tenure, he was criticized and chastized by his peers, as though his decisions wholesale nba jerseys were down to his stubborn personality, rather than his intellect. It wasn’t until some time later when I saw the results of his decisions, that it struck me that no wonder he cheap nfl jerseys was so darn stubborn; his experience was something that he had constructed like a castle over the previous 35 years, and was something stalwart he had faith in, defended, and attacked from. He had been right in many of his decisions.

The point of this ramble is this: living through bull and bear markets teaches you that sometimes you cannot predict demand the future any better than a magic eight-ball. The best you can do is immerse yourself in the present – realize what is happening – and take that knowledge forward with you. What you experience in this market cycle will be as With little as a reference, or as large as a blueprint, for the next spin of the wheel. As with life generally, a good or bad experience is still an experience to learn from. 

I regret not defending the curmudgeon, but learned a valuable lesson (albeit too late). Plunge It was with much cheap nba jerseys fortune I ran into him at an analyst lunch before leaving the UK, and was glad for the opportunity to apologize and thank him. The praise caught him off-guard, and for just Guide a moment, Jogja he was the most cheerful cheap jerseys from China person in the room.

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