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1 Aug 12 2010 @ 8:46am by Matt Smith in energy consulting, Random, risk management, Risk Strategy

‘That’s not a motto, that’s just you saying a bunch of things.’

There’s a hilarious line in the film Role Models, where Paul Rudd turns to Seann William Scott and says, exasperated: ‘That’s not a motto, that’s just you saying a bunch of things’. Not only did this make me chuckle, but it struck a chord, as there are many mottos bantered around in financial markets which are, well, just a bunch of things and little else. So this week I thought I would seek inspiration from my work colleagues – my own role models, per se – to provide me with some words of wisdom. Some relate to energy, and some relate to life. But all we can relate to, so enjoy:

‘Without energy there is no capacity to do work.’
– This makes sense in a couple of ways, my learned colleague told me; not only is this the dictionary definition for energy, but without energy, there would be no Summit. He’s got a point (well, two in fact).

‘You may not believe everything that is said, but if you look hard enough, and take the emotion out of it, you might see some truth worth hearing.’
– This is a message we try to get across to clients; even if you don’t believe us, we are here to tell you the stark truths.

‘Change will come when the pain of staying the same is worse than the pain of change.”
– Again, at some point, clients realize it is wrong to fear change, especially when maintaining the status quo involves the pain of losing money.

‘You can’t always get what you want…but when you try sometimes, you get what you need.’
– This is something our CFO tells (sings?) to his kids, but it relates just as well to hedging strategies; you may not get what you want (= the lowest price), but you get what you need (= budget certainty).

‘You know what you get when you don’t get what you want…experience.’
– And the flip-side of not hedging; if the market turns against you, you gain the experience of why hedging makes sense.

Five further mottos for life:
–‘Never mistake activity for achievement.’
–‘Never celebrate mediocrity.’
–‘No one said life is easy.’
–‘You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.’
–‘I will not idly tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death’s doorstep.’

Thanks so much to this week’s role models…Ann Barzak, Deena Burnett, Evan Cox, George Willett, Joe Higgins, Joyce Gee, Michelle Kerbow, Phil Wafford, Roger Durham, Tom Muddell.

I leave you with two mottos from our CEO, Steve Wilhite (it’s great he humors my occasional whims…), one for work and one for life:

‘Most people fail to plan, not plan to fail…but failing to plan is like planning to fail.’

‘Work then play, work then play, work then play – if you do that, the work is better and so is the play.’

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  1. Ann Barczak says:

    You are my role model Matt!

    “Matt is my little friend…I will take you to foggy Londontown!”

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