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4 Mar 16 2011 @ 11:23pm by Matt Smith in Crude Oil, Economy, Global Energy, Natural Gas, Risk Strategy

Japan: Panic In Equities, Currencies, and Global Energy

The impact from events in MENA (Middle East / North Africa) in the past couple of months has been uncompromisingly bullish for the energy complex, and specifically crude oil. However, with the coming of a second ‘black swan’ event in quick succession to this first outlier through the earthquake in Japan, markets this time have been dealt a very different hand, in that the impact to the energy complex is not quite as clear cut. » read more

2 Dec 22 2010 @ 10:21am by Matt Smith in Natural Gas, risk management, UK natural gas

Now Panic And Freak Out

Earlier in the year, I wrote a post about the sideways movement in US natural gas and crude oil prices, called ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’. Well, now seems an opportune time to flip the coin, as we are seeing UK natural gas prices panic and freak out.

NBP (National Balancing Point  – aka UK natural gas) prompt month prices have rallied as much as 36% since early November, as a cold start to winter has caught the market off-guard and depleted storage levels at a rapid clip. After last year’s coldest winter in over thirty years, there was the expectation that the UK was owed a mild winter; but this seems not to be. The entire UK has spent much of December under a blanket of snow (a rare occasion in itself), while temperatures are registering record lows. Given this backdrop, it is not wholly unsurprising that prices are both panicking and freaking out to reach twenty-two month highs, as gas demand reaches record levels. » read more
0 Dec 10 2010 @ 10:58am by Matt Smith in Crude Oil, Natural Gas, UK natural gas

Burrito Bites

Altrightee, we’ve got two more full weeks left of 2010; hopefully they’ll be a little more eventful than this one. Crude broke $90 early doors, then fell back and treaded water ahead of a wave of information this weekend. Meanwhile, natural gas rallied through to Thursday, only to give back all its gains on a bullish storage print (go figure). This weekend sees Opec’s end-of-year party meeting in Ecuador, meanwhile China is widely expected to raise interest rates. Next week sees a return to form for economic data, while colder-than-normal temperatures for the eastern US are lending support to natty. This means next week should be more of a snowstorm of activity = much more fun. Until then, keep your eyes on the prize (like my friend here), and your plate close at hand; bites are served: » read more

0 Dec 3 2010 @ 10:50am by Matt Smith in Crude Oil, Economy, Global Energy, Natural Gas, risk management

Burrito bites

Wowee, what a week. Starting with a $113 bln bailout of Ireland, culminating with Nonfarm Friday (= US unemployment data), this week has not disappointed. The filler, manufacturing data (sandwiched in the middle of the week), once again illustrated global expansion for the industrial sector, while US house prices are swooning once more (although pending sales are not). US natural gas is receiving some support from heating demand as thermostats are cranked up, while storage begins to be whittled down. Crude is back within grasping distance of $90 as positive data and potential intervention from the ECB is rallying the Euro. Meanwhile, the entire UK is walking in a winter wonderland (because no public transport works). I could go on and on (and on); what a great week. AND we are into December  – rock on. Enough of the fluff, let’s get onto the good stuff:   » read more

0 Oct 28 2010 @ 10:45am by Matt Smith in Crude Oil, Global Energy, Natural Gas

Ten Halloween Facts That Lead Back To Energy

With Halloween coming up, let’s take a look at ten scary Halloween facts, and how their numbers leave a trail of blood back to our dearly beloved energy complex: » read more