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0 Oct 26 2010 @ 6:53am by Matt Smith in Natural Gas


Err, I was working on a feature for the latest weekly outlook for clients, when I kinda got sidetracked by creating bar charts out of candy bars…..

If natural gas was a candy bar
it would probably be a Twix*;
The two bars = supply and demand
(and demand has a bite out of it).

If natural gas liked a beverage
It would have to be a beer;
Drowning all its sorrows –
at a low point for the year.

If natural gas was a building
It would have to be an Inn;
With storage full, production strong
Hence all rooms full within.

If natural gas was an animal
It would have to be a bear;
Growling…moody…kind-of stinks
(yet Charmin’ in its lair)*

*I am not sponsored, affiliated or in association with Charmin or Twix in any way, but would gladly endorse them going forward for very little money / freebies.


0 Sep 16 2009 @ 10:45am by Matt Smith in Capital Markets, Global Energy, Natural Gas, Random

Supply, demand & market equilibrium = rock-paper-scissors

This cheap jerseys is not a profound assertion, but merely an observation: commodity markets are always in a state wholesale MLB jerseys of flux, because, just as rock-paper-scissors doesn’t have a single dominating force, commodity prices constantly face a myriad of moving forces. There may be a millisecond or two at a moment in time where a market is balanced, but in reality, the most efficient market will always have some sort of imbalance. This supply and demand volatility at: is further escalated by factors ranging from investor sentiment to technical analysis. 


Rock-paper-scissors is not a game of chance, and neither are commodity markets. You have to place some faith in a rational approach by studying the fundamentals of a Treatments market to forecast future trends, because it is overwhelmingly likely that supply and demand “MAKS?PAK are the key price drivers (barring technical analysis). But while in rock-paper-scissors you can always ask With for wholesale MLB jerseys the ‘best of’ 3, Dead 5, 7, Collections ad infinitum (depending how badly you are getting beat), adverse price movements from an ill-timed trade means you can be punished for a single weak decision; hence the need for extreme care.