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2 Feb 28 2014 @ 11:49am by Matt Smith in Crude Oil

A Bumpy Ride For Jet Fuel

2014 thus far has been more turbulent than usual for the US crude complex, as wickedly wintry weather has shaken up both supply and demand for the products like a snow globe (probably a bad turn of phrase). Just as gasoline demand has hit the brakes and heating oil demand has been simmering, the jet fuel market has experienced a bumpy ride. » read more

0 Mar 19 2010 @ 9:50am by Matt Smith in Biofuels, Crude Oil, Economy, Global Energy, Natural Gas, Technology

Burrito Bites

As we come to the end of another week, there seems to be more questions than answers; will natural gas bounce from $4 psychological support? Will crude break its November high? What will fill the hole in people’s lives after March Madness? All of these questions will be answered in time. To occupy yourself while you wait, feast your eyes on this week’s nibbles:

–Ethanol is making a comeback.

Upside-down house in Germany.

–No end in sight to US refining weakness.

Visualizing the internet – top 100 sites, rich list etc…interesting stuff.

–Plenty of gas, but no easy fix for US energy challenge.

Trying to pick peak oil is futile.

–I thought soggy moggy was bizarre, until I saw surfing with animals.

–Gasoline prices are up to their highest level since 2008.

–Will they / won’t they? – the Greek bailout meter.

–Art imitating life – fake store fronts brighten up town.

–The Big Mac Index shows the Chinese Yuan is still undervalued.

Europe unlikely to match US shale boom.

The Burrito Deluxe Award of the week goes to the website 1000 awesome things for brightening up the week by its mere existence.

The Burnt Burrito Award of the week goes to Opec. As their compliance with output quotas goes through the floor (more production, more $$$), their influence wanes. Or at least their credibility.  The biggest surprise to come out of their latest meeting on March 17th was that they have decided not to meet for another seven months. That’s a lot of time for them to keep rubbing their hands with glee before they need to pull quota compliance back in line.

And finally for the winner of last week’s competition – I split the prize between R E Parker Esq and Ginny – both providing amusing yet low-brow responses. A gift card for a burrito is on its way to both of you! 

May your weekends be filled with 1000 awesome things.