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0 Jul 15 2011 @ 10:55am by Matt Smith in Biofuels, Crude Oil, Global Energy, Natural Gas

Burrito bites

Welcome to another Friday, as we charge into the second half of July. Natural gas is having a strong end to the week, back in the middle of the $4 to $5 range it has been pinging around in for this year, while crude oil is bamboozled to ebb and flow but ultimately remain in the mid-$90s. Continued warmer weather outlooks are supporting natty, while crude is flailing on concerns of a stuttering global economy, intermittently spurred on by bouts of bullishness (on rumors of bailouts, QE3, etc). Without further ado, let’s chew!:   » read more

0 Jun 17 2011 @ 10:56am by Matt Smith in Crude Oil, Global Energy, Natural Gas

Burrito bites

Salutations! This week brought less clarity and more volatility for crude oil, as European debt woes and mixed economic data have pummeled crude to steep losses, as the market weighs up the impact on oil demand from a potentially slowing global economy. Meanwhile, in Natgasworld™, moderating temperatures have flipped the prompt month on its head, sending it for five consecutive days of drubbing. Next week should be mucho controversial, with the Federal Reserve’s meeting and comments, and resolution (or not) to the Greece debacle. But while we still have the chance, let’s face the music…and chow:

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0 Sep 30 2010 @ 10:25pm by Matt Smith in energy consulting, Global Energy, Random, risk management

Ten Tenuous Ryder Cup Links to Energy

US team uniform

With the Ryder Cup kicking off, here’s my attempt to link energy to the Ryder Cup in ten tenuous tidbits: 

1) Utility – both a company who provides energy, and a golf club for any occasion.
2) Green – the dance-floor aka the putting surface. Oh, and the future of energy!
3) Jigger – an old-school golf club for chip-shots, and a device by which coal is cleaned by water. 
4) El Niño – a climate pattern which has a big influence on the frequency of hurricanes, and the nickname of vice-captain Sergio Garcia. 
5) Coal – Wales, the venue for the latest Ryder Cup is most famous for rugby, sheep, and coal-mining.  

European Team Uniform

6) Ian Poulter – a livewire on the US circuit.
7) Louisville, Ky – hosts both one of the finest Ryder Cup venues and one of the finest Energy Consultants!  
8) Sustainability – 90% of materials arriving at the Ryder Cup site will be reused or recycled, and the Tented Village will be entirely powered by recycled vegetable oil
9) Power – Dustin Johnson is your man; the longest driver in this Ryder Cup.
10) Energy – though it pains a European to say this, the deciding factor of this Ryder Cup may be the terrific energy of captain Corey ‘Bulldog’ Pavin.

Whatever the result, enjoy your Ryder Cup!

4 Jul 7 2010 @ 7:39am by Matt Smith in Global Energy, Random

Energy Limericks

Sometimes I sit down to write a post, and all I can think of are words that rhyme with ‘gas’ and ‘power’….here’s the result: 

There once was a man from Slough*,
Who got all his power from a cow,
Collecting the gas
Was a pain in the…..butt,
But boy did his gas bills go down!


There once was a woman so dour,
As her energy was drained in an hour,
That was ’til the once,
She tried demand response;
And now her demeanor has flowered.


There once was a man on the scene,
Who decided he was going green,
So he used biofuel,
In his life as a rule,
Now his energy (and conscience) is clean.


There once was a fellow called Ted,
Who wished his utility dead,
As they charged him an arm
And a leg for his farm;
He should have come to Summit instead!


Please feel free to post any energy-related limericks, there’ll be a burrito-related prize for any good ‘uns.

*Slough = where the UK version of The Office is set, I’ll have you know.
0 Apr 30 2010 @ 10:07am by Matt Smith in Capital Markets, Crude Oil, Global Energy, Natural Gas, Random, Technology

Derby hors d’œuvres.

It’s an extra special Friday here in Louisville, KY, as everyone is getting a bit over-excited ahead of the Derby tomorrow (and that’s only us that aren’t at the track already). This week has seen crude oil picking up to a canter after a slow start, while US natural gas began the week hot to trot, but couldn’t last the distance. Outside of Commodityworld(tm), the bookmaker that is Goldman Sachs got its knuckles wrapped for dodging dealing, while bets increase on Greece to default. No bites this week, instead we get hors d’œuvres:  

–some good background surrounding the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, with the the latest on it.

–India has more cellphones than toilets.

–Natural gas prices may limit Shale gas drilling….or is it an empty promise?

–In defense of electric cars – 10 myths.

–Swiftly followed by 5 myths about green energy.

–A novel way to carry books.

–A quick take on the EIA production downward revisions.

–Man eats 1500 lightbulbs

Top ten coal burning countries in the world.

–Car crashes through parking garage wall

–not relevant but essential reading for foodies – the dirty dozen cheat sheet of organic vegetables.

The Burrito Theme of the the Week……Swapsies! : First Venezuela swaps barrels of oil with China in exchange for a $20 bln loan, then Russia approves a treaty that allows one of their fleets to stay at a Ukrainian port until 2042, in exchange for $40 bln of gas subsidies.

May your weekend be full of winning tickets and Mint Juleps!