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0 Oct 19 2012 @ 10:58am by Matt Smith in Crude Oil, Economy, energy consulting, Global Energy

Burrito bites

Happy Friday and welcome to another burrito bites! I know I’ve shirked a post this week…I got stuck in the weeds of a topic,  but will be back with a vengeance in the next few days. (probably). Anyhoo, as for the week that was in energyland™, oil has hardly budged, only to swan-dive into the weekend as the risk-on switch in broader markets has been flipped to risk-off. As for natural gas, we have seen prices hanging around the high for the year, as the prospect of cooler temperatures has stifled selling. This week, a number of generous friends have shared some snacks: » read more

0 Oct 4 2012 @ 1:15am by Matt Smith in Crude Oil, Economy, Global Energy, Natural Gas

From Oompa Loompas To Oil

I have to confess, I am plagued by an affliction. The more I try and focus on the high-brow stuff, the more I am preoccupied by thoughts of the inane. Hence as I try and get my head around supply and demand in the oil market, my mind drifts off to ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ to try and draw comparisons.

Previously here on the burrito we have looked at energy through the lens of everything from super-heroes to rock bands to cartoons; and today we are going to join the dots betwixt oompa loompas and energyland™. » read more

0 Apr 11 2012 @ 10:55am by Matt Smith in Crude Oil, Global Energy

File Under: Hitting The Gas

This morning’s appearance on CNBC’s Squawk Box was a couple of speedy responses at the end of the segment relating to runaway gasoline prices. Hark, click on the below mug shot to launch to the clip:

0 Jul 28 2011 @ 10:58am by Matt Smith in Capital Markets, Crude Oil, Economy, Global Energy, Natural Gas

Let’s Face The Music

At a time when we approach the unprecedented potential of a default by the US on its national debt, it is worth acknowledging that there may well be trouble ahead (…and imminently). As we face the music and prepare to lace up our dancing shoes,  it seems prudent to remember where we were a year ago, and then appraise whether current downbeat perceptions are muddying the water. So from the starting point of Energyland™ to the general economy, let’s take a look at ten reference points, to see if we need to throw in the towel, or just throw some shapes:  » read more