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0 Feb 22 2013 @ 10:53am by Matt Smith in Capital Markets, Crude Oil, Economy, Global Energy, Natural Gas, Random

Burrito bites

And we have made it to another Friday…phew! Oil prices have swiftly been brought back down to size by economic woes resurfacing – kick-started by a large sell order on Wednesday. Natural gas, meanwhile, has been unwilling to budge too far from the 200-day moving average as colder weather outlooks are negated by the prospect of higher absolute temperatures.  Snacks ahoy:  » read more

1 Jun 15 2011 @ 2:19pm by Matt Smith in Biofuels, Global Energy, Random

When Fruit and Energyworld™ Collide

As you well know, I believe that everything is interconnected – commodities, currencies, bonds, equities, etc….so my recent whirl through ‘The Big Apple’ set me off on a tangent about… and fruit.  So here are ten ways in which the two doth intermingle:  » read more