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1 Jun 15 2011 @ 2:19pm by Matt Smith in Biofuels, Global Energy, Random

When Fruit and Energyworld™ Collide

As you well know, I believe that everything is interconnected – commodities, currencies, bonds, equities, etc….so my recent whirl through ‘The Big Apple’ set me off on a tangent about… and fruit.  So here are ten ways in which the two doth intermingle:  » read more

4 Mar 16 2011 @ 11:23pm by Matt Smith in Crude Oil, Economy, Global Energy, Natural Gas, Risk Strategy

Japan: Panic In Equities, Currencies, and Global Energy

The impact from events in MENA (Middle East / North Africa) in the past couple of months has been uncompromisingly bullish for the energy complex, and specifically crude oil. However, with the coming of a second ‘black swan’ event in quick succession to this first outlier through the earthquake in Japan, markets this time have been dealt a very different hand, in that the impact to the energy complex is not quite as clear cut. » read more

2 Feb 10 2011 @ 8:24am by Matt Smith in Biofuels, Crude Oil, Global Energy, Natural Gas, Random

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

As incredulous as it seems, ‘Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo’ is in fact a grammatically valid sentence in the American English language. This was brought to my attention by a colleague, and it set me off thinking about incredulous things in the energy complex. So here are ten random energy incredulosities: » read more

2 Feb 4 2011 @ 10:58am by Matt Smith in Capital Markets, Crude Oil, Economy, Natural Gas

Burrito bites

Good day! It’s been a week of extreme emotions; happy times as Punxsutawney Phil declared an early spring and China celebrated a New Year, while on the downside the news has been dominated by the unrest seen in Cairo, Egypt. Despite this first week of the month being heavy on the economic data front, concerns about the unrest spreading to the oil-rich countries of the Middle East has dictated the movement in the crude complex. Worrying? I should cocoa. As for natural gas, it was Groundhog Day again on Wednesday Thursday; just like the prior week a bullish storage print provoked a bearish response. Next week brings more energy-specific newsflow with the EIA monthly report, but for now let’s rebuff the bad news and hit the buffet: » read more

2 Jan 21 2011 @ 10:55am by Matt Smith in Capital Markets, Crude Oil, Economy, Global Energy, Natural Gas

Burrito Bites

Hola, this week has seen prompt month natty suddenly climb to a 5-month high as persistently colder-than-norm temperatures and outlooks in key areas are uplifting demand and downtreading storage levels (…while the calendar strips still need CPR as they flatline). WTI crude has dropped back below $90 once more, on worries about China, China, China, and China (inflationary concerns there have caused funds to flee from commodities). Anyhow, as funds take flight, let’s hit up the bites:   » read more