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4 Oct 20 2009 @ 11:30am by Matt Smith in Crude Oil, Global Energy

Ode to Opec

Oh I wish I worked for Opec,
I bet the pay is great;
They only meet four times a year,
To have a quick debate.

Oh I wish I worked for Opec,
Their meetings sound like fun,
They always meet in a fancy place
And never get much done.

Oh I wish I worked for Opec,
I could shoot the breeze;
And give statements to reporters,
Like how Opec is keeping quotas unchanged when in reality they are doing whatever they feel like.

4 Comments on this post:

  1. Leslie Bates says:

    Excellent points so poetically expressed, Matt! I am excited that you finally have a venue for your creative energy expertise.

  2. Cassandra D'Alessio says:

    As a student of English, I applaud you on your poetic efforts, Matt. Bravo.

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  4. Beege says:

    Got anything in a OECD Haiku?

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