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2 Oct 13 2011 @ 10:10am by Matt Smith in Crude Oil, Economy, Global Energy, Random, risk management

It’s Sky-way or the Highway! (Aviation or Automobile Quiz)

In the last week I have been doing some digging into the topic of flight. But rather than just throw out some random facts, I figured I’d make you do the work. So here are ten questions from which you simply need to decide what form of transport it relates to: aviation or automobile. There is even a bonus question at the end with a chance to win a prize. If that’s not enough of an incentive to make you read on, then, err…don’t. Grab a pen, and let’s play!

1) Which sector has just seen its fuel demand hit a 10-year low in the US?

2) Which of the two has seen more of a substantial improvement in energy efficiency in the past several decades?

3) Traveling in which vehicle offers the greater likelihood of a fatality?

4) Transportation makes up 27% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the US. Which of the two transportables makes up the smaller share?

5) Rail travel has the highest energy efficiency per passenger of all transportation. But which sector has the higher energy efficiency per passenger: aviation or automobile? 

6) The European Union told which sector last week that as of next year it will need to start offsetting emissions through carbon permits?

7) Which came first: the Wright brothers first flight, or the incorporation of Ford Motor Company?

8) You need to get from New York to San Francisco; which form of transport is more economical? 

9) Traveling at night in which form of transportation is said to have an increased impact on global warming?

10) In the US, in which of the two does the average person travel 10,000 miles a year?

Bonus question: From where does the phrase ‘my way or the highway’ originate? I have googled upon googled it, but still can’t find a satisfactory answer. The most plausible response (submitted as a comment) will win a burrito-related prize to the value of $20. Good luck!


1) Automobile. According to the API, September saw its lowest level of gasoline demand in a decade, due to high prices (and likely, unemployment) causing people to cut back on driving.

2) Aviation. Energy intensity has fallen by 60%, while that of an automobile has only fallen by 20%

3) Automobile. Despite macabre sites like this, it is a fact of life that due to more automobiles, there are unfortunately more fatalities. And for the record, the whole ‘donkeys kill more people than aviation crashes’ thing is a myth…apparently. 

4) Aviation. It only accounts for 2.7%, while on-road automobiles account for 21%.

5) Automobile. Automobiles consume on average 3,543 btu/per passenger mile versus 3,666 btu’s for aviation.

6) Aviation. The European Union announced last week that airlines will be required to pay for 15% of the carbon they emit, starting next year.

7) Automobile. Ford Motor Company was incorporated on June 16, 1903, while the first flight by the Wright brothers was on December 17, 1903.

8) Aviation. Just because driving is less harmful for the environment doesn’t mean it is cheaper. In a standard car the round-trip would currently cost you nigh on $1000

9) Aviation. Jet exhausts have a warming effect at high altitudes, which is magnified in winter. Night flights account for 25% of all flights, but up to 80% of the warming caused by commercial aviation.

10) Automobile. Aviation miles per capita is less than 20% of the total number of miles traveled in a car.    

Grade yourself: 
0 – 6  = Transportation Twit
7 – 10 = Energy Einstein

Thanks for playing, have a great day!

2 Comments on this post:

  1. david says:

    Late response because Judy and I were on vacation.

    My way or the Highway means; you either do it my way (any job) or you’re fired (the highway).

  2. Matt Smith says:

    Mr B – I want to know the origin – can’t find it anywhere. Come through on this and the prize is yours!

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