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0 Oct 26 2010 @ 6:53am by Matt Smith in Natural Gas


Err, I was working on a feature for the latest weekly outlook for clients, when I kinda got sidetracked by creating bar charts out of candy bars…..

If natural gas was a candy bar
it would probably be a Twix*;
The two bars = supply and demand
(and demand has a bite out of it).

If natural gas liked a beverage
It would have to be a beer;
Drowning all its sorrows –
at a low point for the year.

If natural gas was a building
It would have to be an Inn;
With storage full, production strong
Hence all rooms full within.

If natural gas was an animal
It would have to be a bear;
Growling…moody…kind-of stinks
(yet Charmin’ in its lair)*

*I am not sponsored, affiliated or in association with Charmin or Twix in any way, but would gladly endorse them going forward for very little money / freebies.


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