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0 Oct 26 2012 @ 10:55am by Matt Smith in Crude Oil, Economy

Happy Halloween Weekend!

Happy Halloween weekend! To help you out as we creep towards the frightening festivities, here are 10 bits of food for thought. Some are energy related, and shucks, some are just funny.

1) This isn’t a joke. The Department of Energy has written an article called ‘Geek out your pumpkins‘ and issued a number of templates which you can print and use to carve out of your pumpkin. They include a CFL light bulb and a wind turbine. Seriously.

2) While on the topic, what is the origin of Jack O’Lanterns?

3) Top Ten Energy-related Halloween costumes. (from the Burrito archive)

4) Zombie pumpkins.

5) Green Halloween events across the nation.

6) 22 last-minute DIY Halloween costumes…or 10 clever and creative costumes.

7) Burrito post: Ten Halloween Facts that lead back to energy. (from the Burrito archive)

8) Where to find the most haunted houses in America.

9) Halloween infographic from on tips to banish ghouls.

10) Finally, coming to New York this Halloween…Frankenstorm (or alternatively…Snowicane).

Bonus! 199 funniest pet Halloween costumes.

Have a ghoulishly good one!

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