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1 Nov 5 2010 @ 7:00am by Matt Smith in Random

Happy Birthday, Energy Burrito!

It is with many streamers and balloons that I announce that Energy Burrito is one-year old today….happy birthday, Energy Burrito! Here are some of the things that have been experienced in Energyburritoland(tm) in the last year:

Three things I would never (ever) have researched otherwise:
1) Turkey vultures (hat-tip Leonard Kreicas)
2) The life and times of
David Hasselhoff
3) Boll weevils

One of my favorite posts has been ‘The Oddness With Having a Blog Called Energy Burrito‘. The search engine stuff amuses me no end – here’s my three favorite hits from the past six months:
1) jelly belly combinations
2) цены на газ nbp
3) micropiglet

The post which is most likely to be re-gifted? The Crude Oil 8-ball.

The three most popular posts have been:
1) The Opec Quiz – everyone loves a quiz, apparently
2) The Commodity Cast of Toy Story – everyone loves cartoons (this blog would be in trouble if not)
3) The Keyser Söze spoiler post 

BUT! (I hastily add) I owe the hugest debt to these wonderful people for all their unsung efforts – Kent Evans, Sarah McKee and Jackie Cobb (= rock stars cubed) – while none of it would have mattered if you lovely people didn’t make the effort to read this blog. Knowing that people read what I post is a wonderful thing, so for that I am ridiculously grateful. Have a wonderful weekend, and I aim to bring you mucho more entertainment over the next year; rock on.

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  1. Sarah M. says:

    Happy Birthday Burrito!! And thanks for the shout out, Matt. It’s a pleasure being apart of this awesome blog!

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