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1 May 30 2013 @ 3:46pm by Matt Smith in Crude Oil, Global Energy

File Under: A Blast!

It was a blast to appear on Fox Business today with Melissa Francis, talking all things Opec and oil. Hark, click on the below mug-shot (or blast) to launch to the clip:

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  1. david bradley says:

    Food for thought. The clean air act of 1977 has resulted in the air in the US beginning a slow process of cleansing, but progress has been shown annually. There has not been a coal fired utility come on line since the mid 90’s. Your pseudo-environmentalists have changed from “global warming” to “climate change” since that term is all encompassing. But what is the only physical change that has occurred in the last 25 years that could possibly be related to changes in global weather patterns? The answer, windmills. Every time a natural wind current passes through a windmill, the force and direction of the wind changes. And it’s not like the wind magically returns to its original pattern after it passes through these metal monsters. The wind takes on a new pattern that is constantly expanding just like the ripples from a boat expand once a boat cuts through the water. What effect do these new, man-made winds have on the environment? You now have winds where they did not exist before, greater and lesser wind strengths everywhere behind the windmills, and results on the environment that are totally unknown and have never been studied. It’s time to look at actual changes rather than the speculative computer generated models that the current group of “Chicken Little The Sky is Falling” eco-enthusiasts follow like lemmings to the sea.

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