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21 Dec 2 2014 @ 1:59pm by Matt Smith in energy consulting, Global Energy, Random

Festive Freebies!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and here on the burrito there are a number of festive freebies being given away to celebrate….

First up, Energy Burrito has just turned five years old (my baby is all grown up…). To celebrate there are five ‘I love burritos’ t-shirts to be won, along with five $10 gift cards to have a burrito on me. All you have to do is guess how many posts there have been on the blog over the last five years. For a tie-breaker, also put what your favorite burrito is, with one lucky winner to receive a rather resplendent burrito pillow.

The next freebie is a webinar which is on Thursday morning (Dec 4) at 10am EST, in which myself and the mighty Shelby Jett will be discussing various countries across the globe and sharing some interesting energy tidbits about them. Hark, click on the below image to register:

The third and final freebie is in the form of a white paper I wrote (under the guise of Matt Smith) about five trends disrupting the global energy landscape. Again, hark, click on the image below to gain access to the paper. (The pictures are awesome if nothing else).

Thanks as ever for reading – enjoy!

21 Comments on this post:

  1. Jimmy says:

    270. Chicken adobo.

  2. John says:

    285. Taco Villa Combination Burrito.

  3. Robert Eubank says:

    430 posts. Roasted chicken with guacamole burrito

  4. Kimberley Kanode says:

    350. How about some Energy Burrito socks? Burri-toes…. :)

    Best regards,
    Kim Kanode, Sr. Recruiter
    Schneider Electric

  5. Adriana Arreola says:

    350? I am a Mexican and I am not a huge fan of burritos ha! but if I could pick one I would say chicken! :D Well done for 5 years Matt, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I learn a lot and enjoy every post.

  6. Paul Gardiner says:

    Can you get a fish and chips burrito (maybe without the burrito bit)

  7. Kevin Janes says:

    325. Any burrito with mole poblano sauce. La Rosita (R.I.P.) in New Albany, IN had the best.

  8. Chad Stickforth says:

    523. Carne asada burrito.

  9. Mike Meyerhoff says:

    388 posts. I hail from Ferguson so a “Hands Up Don’t Loot” burrito would be great!

  10. Matt Cotter says:

    305 posts. I enjoy the energy burrito blogs/posts. Keep it up.

  11. Matt Cotter says:

    correction – Well how about 1,739…!

  12. Tara says:

    333 posts is my guess!

  13. Riley says:

    437 carne asado Christmas-style (red and green sauce)

  14. Niels says:

    Congrats, Matt! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog posts for about the last 2 of those 5 years ☺️

    I have no knowledgde of different types of burrito’s though ( i take it you don’t like Gouda cheese on em), but my guess is you wrote some 453 posts.

    Cheers and on to the next 5 years!

    The Netherlands

  15. Adriana Arreola says:

    Are we all doing it wrong and that´s why you have not announced the winners? haha

  16. Matt Smith says:

    I hadn’t thought about a deadline! Ho hum, deadline is Sunday – winners will be announced and contacted early next week!

    Thanks so much to everyone for playing…too kind!!

  17. Jon Rundell says:

    350 is my guess! I have to go with a taco bell classic, the Chili Cheese burrito. Keep doing what you are doing Matt! Here’s to another 5 years of great posts.

  18. Sean Mears says:

    521, I love a chipotle burrito with almost everything. Nom!

  19. Matt Smith says:

    Given there have been entries from a number of different countries, I have decided to ditch the giftcards (boooo!)….but give ALL of you an ‘i love burritos’ t-shirt! (woot woot!). I will be in contact in due course to get your addresses and shirt sizes.

    Robert Eubank wins the burrito pillow with a correct guess (smartypants) that the burrito has seen 430 posts in the last half decade.

    Thanks to you all for playing….you rock!!

  20. Adriana Arreola says:

    Wahoo! Looking forward to my t-shirt. I will put it on my SE office to keep promoting the blog!

  21. Robert Eubank says:

    Great, can’t wait!
    Keep up the good work on the market Matt

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