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3 Dec 1 2011 @ 10:58am by Matt Smith in Global Energy, Random, risk management

Energy-related Christmas Gifts

Yep, it’s that time of the year to desperately hunt for what to get Auntie Maude or Uncle Fred for Christmas. But search no longer, my friends.  Here is a collection of energy-related gifts I am sure they would be thrilled to receive:

–The solar power/ornament combo, it’s all the rage! Delight your kinfolk with a royally ruling solar-powered Queen, or how about a different kind of flower power…a solar-powered flower.

–Or how about gifting the gift of giving? A nifty gift for those who have everything….a carbon offset.

–After discovering the glorious passion and humor of producer/director Ben Evans on the burrito earlier in the year, you can now fulfill your destiny and buy the YERT movie!

–So you think that being eco-friendly and decadent don’t go together? Wrong. Organic wine and chocolate are as decadent and delicious as you can get, with the guilt-free bonus that organic farming is less energy intensive.  

–If buying your loved one an appliance, make sure it is Energy Star qualified (for the double whammy of both lower energy bills and a potential tax credit). 

–Not the most thrilling gift, but perhaps the most practical – an energy gift certificate.

–If you’ve been bad, you could get a lump of coal. But if you are lucky, it may be a Martha Stewart style one.

–What’s better than gifting? Regifting. You can regift your Christmas tree through recycling it (find your closest location here), where it can be turned into biofuel.

–Or the ultimate in ultimate forecasting tools, Summit Energy’s own crude oil 8-ball.  

Well, here we are in December; a time to think of family, such as my cousin Paul and his six degrees of separation from the underwear indicator and his ‘interesting’ choice in knitwear, and friends such as Marilyn Lesher for correctly predicting her solar-powered flower would inspire my next post. God bless us, everyone! (even my cuz Paul).

3 Comments on this post:

  1. David Hodges says:

    That jumper is made of recycled Xmas paper and he has solar powered pants on !

  2. Nate Pinney says:

    Organic wine is more eco-friendly, huh? But the study you linked says:
    “Organic farming can compete effectively in growing corn, soybeans, wheat, barley and other grains, Pimentel said, but it might not be as favorable for growing such crops as grapes, apples, cherries and potatoes, which have greater pest problems.”

    So the eco-jury is still out on wine (er, grapes). Maybe it’s better to go with a decadent bowl of organic soybeans for an eco-friendly gift. Mmm. But have some wine anyway, why not?

  3. Matt Smith says:

    Hahaha…I’m pinning my hopes on the fact that those grapes ‘might’ just make it!

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