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0 Aug 26 2010 @ 10:24am by Matt Smith in Capital Markets, Crude Oil, Economy, Natural Gas

Canada, go, Canada

No need to blame Canada this time, Mr Cartman.

I have a certain affinity with ‘our friends to the North’. Whether it is because I spent eight years working at a Canadian bank, or because one of my favorite people in the world is Canadian (economist Dave Rosenberg, aka Batman – my favorite superhero), or because they produce such great bands as Arcade Fire. I just think they are kinda cool. But to bring this back to our commodity chopping board, here are three random illustrations of their greatness.      

First up, a litmus test to show how they have fared during the ‘great recession’. As we giddily totter ever closer to the edge of double-dipdom, the Canadian employment situation underlines how stoic they have been in the face of adversity. Since the beginning of 2008, Canada has added 173,000 jobs. This is relevant because the US has lost in excess of 7.5 million over the same period. Obviously, the economies of scale are different, but to show positive job growth through the worst recession in nearly a century is rather impressive to say the least:  


Next, we board the good ship natty, to take a look at how much Canada exports to its friends to the South. As the chart below illustrates, although levels have currently dipped below the five-year range, Canada is still the most significant supplier of natural gas to the US (at approximately 11% of total supply). Canada sends half of its total natural gas production in the direction of the US, and this volume blows total global LNG imports out of the water; they are six times as small, and only expected to add 0.5 Tcf to US supply this year:         

Canadian Imports of Natural Gas (source: Bentek)

And finally, we tip our hats to the consistently largest exporter of crude oil to the US: Saudi Arabia Canada. They also have the second largest oil reserves in the world (178 billion barrels, second only to Saudi Arabia), and ultimately supply one in every six barrels consumed in the US:     

Exporters of Crude Oil to the US - May 2010 (000's barrels) - (source:EIA)

So these three quick examples serve to show the impressiveness, the importance, and the relevance of our Canadian counterparts. And we didn’t even need to mention Keanu Reeves, Jim Carrey, or Pamela Anderson. And it is for the above reasons we should be grateful that our friends to the North are both our friends, and to the North. And for that, I raise my glass of Moose Milk to you….cheers.

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