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0 Aug 26 2011 @ 10:55am by Matt Smith in Capital Markets, Crude Oil, Economy, Global Energy, Natural Gas, risk management

Burrito bites

And an unsurprising and uncontroversial speech from Federal Reserve (= US central bank) Chairman Ben Bernanke is releasing the pressure from the tires of anticipation that has steadily built up this week. 

The fact that no further stimulus (read: Red Bull™*) was announced for the US economy is no shock, although the door of hope was left more than ajar for general markets by the announcement of an extra day of discussion by the Fed at their next meeting in September.

Crude spent the lion’s share of this week focusing on today’s outcome, while being intermittently distracted by irresolution in Libya. Natural gas, on the other hand, has been firmly focused on Hurricane Irene and its impact on demand / non-impact on production, as well as further disturbances in the Atlantic. Anyhoo, enough guff; let’s eat some stuff:   

–Halliburton execs take swigs of fracking fluid…although CEO won’t.

North Dakota is making its way up the list of the happiest states in America (due to shale).

–The best jokes from this year’s Edinburgh comedy festival.

–Shale emissions have been overstated, according to IHS Cera.

–Meanwhile, US geologists slash shale estimates.

–Who owns the beer? Beer brand infographic.

–Quiz time! Name the top oil-producing countries.

–Lessons in economics from children’s literature.

–The Americas, not the Middle East, will become the world capital of energy.

Wireless charging systems (= wi-fi for energy).

–Arab Spring paved the way for a double-dip, and why it may prevent the next one.

–Oddly charming: people taking naps with stuff.

The Burrito Deluxe Award of the Week goes to Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, who is stepping down. Apple is now vying with ExxonMobil to be the largest company in the world, while holding a market value which is larger than the economy of a number of countries.

The Burnt Burrito Award of the Week goes to Hurricane Irene, for being the first hurricane to make landfall in the US since 2008, wreaking havoc on the East coast. Readers out that way, take care, y’all.

The Most Brilliantest Thing Award of the Week goes to this Chinese translation of Batman’s origins on a toy-box. (h/t Eric Bickel)

Have a safe weekend!

*nope, still am not sponsored or associated in any way with Red Bull™

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