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3 Apr 15 2011 @ 10:55am by Matt Smith in Crude Oil, Economy, Global Energy, Natural Gas

Burrito bites

Hey there! This is probably the happiest picture I’ve seen out of Japan in so long…it warmed the cockles of my heart: the battle against adversity continues. As for the week that was, we have welcomed in the start of injection season for natural gas with hoots and hollers (well, a bit of a rally at least) as prices find a floor at four (bucks). Meanwhile, back in the crude complex, although the desire of global leaders to oust Colonel Gadhafi (spelling variation #63) may be strong, his will to remain seems stronger. Crude has inevitably recouped a good deal of its losses after a short n’ sharp spate of profit-taking earlier in the week, as uncertainty reigns like April showers. Without further rambling, let’s hit some delights from the buffet of bites: 

–A controversial report came out this week, saying shale may be dirtier than coal.  

–But no! We’re talkin’ ’bout a shale gas revolution

–But yes! Shale is not a credible ‘new green message’. This debate has legs, will run on…

–Jelly bean resembling Kate Middleton to be auctioned for $800.

–Retail prices: diesel outpaces gasoline.

–Canadian oil sands on the verge of a boom…again.

–(Odd) skyscraper designs of the future. (h/t Trace Mayer)

–The wacky world of Nonfarm payroll revisions.

–Let’s make an action movie! (here’s an infographic how).

–Interest soars in nat gas vehicles.

–EU biofuel targets are ‘unethical’.

–Farmer dyes sheep orange to stop them being stolen.

–New app calculates calories from photos of food.

–US is on track to have 1 million plug-in vehicles by 2015.

–A website dedicated to pictures of Kim Jong Il looking at stuff. Oddly fascinating. (h/t @michael_weis)

The Burrito Deluxe Award of the Week goes to UK natural gas, for breaking back below 60p/therm. It has regained some sanity after a more-than-momentary lapse of reason following the Japanese earthquake and the fear of diverted supply in the form of LNG cargoes. 

The Burnt Burrito Award of the Week goes to Spring Break for distorting data. Not only were jobless claims 22k higher than expected due to this (we hope), but implied demand for gasoline reached its highest level since the week before Christmas due to this temporory boost in demand.

Have a riproaring weekend!

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  1. Brzezinski says:

    The character thereon looked more like chinese character
    first line:brewery (just alcohol, not exactly beer)
    second: soy store

  2. Matt Smith says:

    Thanks Brzezinski – that second picture is great also! I didn’t find the first one from the nytimes…and is great to see it in full size!

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