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0 Mar 11 2011 @ 10:57am by Matt Smith in Biofuels, Capital Markets, Crude Oil, Economy, Global Energy, Natural Gas

Burrito bites

As we head towards the end of another week of turmoil in the Middle East, escalating violence has escalated the skittishness of crude markets. Then the so-called ‘day of rage’ in Saudi Arabia today has been overshadowed by the devastating earthquake (and tsunami) in Japan, sending crude spiraling lower. The natural gas market, on the other hand, has been rather serene in comparison, floating inbetwixt $3.80 – $4. European sovereign debt concerns have reared up once more, with Greece, Portugal and Spain playing musical chairs as to who may default next. China’s deficit gave us a sign their economy may well be slowing, but in reality, all eyes have been on Libya and the potential outfall to the worst case scenario that is Saudi Arabia…until tsunamis and earthquakes. Let’s be grateful for small mercies, and little snacks:  

–I did a very short interview this week on NPR discussing LNG exports from the US (or the lack of them). The topic seemed to spring into the news this week – examples are here and here

–A good resource: unrest on a nation-by-nation basis for the Middle East and North Africa (= MENA).

–Guns n’ Roses bass player starts wealth management firm.

–Arkansas: Drillers to stop injections for fear of earthquakes.

Hydropower ‘stealing’ share from natural gas in the US.

–How to open a public restroom door.

Tanker rates double on slower speed, Libyan uprising…while some show a 19-fold increase.

–A hover board is the ultimate goal, but I would settle for a flying car

–China plans strict rules to save energy.

–Natural gas won’t dethrone king coal soon.

–Mapping the nation’s well-being – a bunch of measures.

–Is ‘shale oil’ the answer to ‘peak oil’?

–A lack of sleep makes us take riskier gambles.

–A fear of fracking may slow natural gas trend.

–Not for the faint of heart: man has 82 tattoos of Julia Roberts’ face on his body.

The Burrito Deluxe Award of the Week goes to US natural gas, for behaving itself while all other energy commodities went nuts….some sanity in otherwise stormy seas.

The Burnt Burrito Award of the Week goes to gasoline / petrol prices. As referenced in yesterday’s post, prices have now hit 2-year highs on both sides of the pond, costing as much as $8.63 / gal in Europe…and an arm and a leg here.

Have a grand weekend!

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