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0 Dec 10 2010 @ 10:58am by Matt Smith in Crude Oil, Natural Gas, UK natural gas

Burrito Bites

Altrightee, we’ve got two more full weeks left of 2010; hopefully they’ll be a little more eventful than this one. Crude broke $90 early doors, then fell back and treaded water ahead of a wave of information this weekend. Meanwhile, natural gas rallied through to Thursday, only to give back all its gains on a bullish storage print (go figure). This weekend sees Opec’s end-of-year party meeting in Ecuador, meanwhile China is widely expected to raise interest rates. Next week sees a return to form for economic data, while colder-than-normal temperatures for the eastern US are lending support to natty. This means next week should be more of a snowstorm of activity = much more fun. Until then, keep your eyes on the prize (like my friend here), and your plate close at hand; bites are served:

–US nat gas may rise next year on lower production.

–Start of UK winter brings a bull market in natural gas, coal, and salt.

–Woman calls police to report theft….of snowman.

–The reality of cellulosic ethanol = it is not reality.

–Cold weather and holiday lights boosting nat gas prices?!

–Very festive – Christmas tree made out of bikes.

–China, India, Brazil push US for deeper emissions reductions.

–The best of the blog that is The Oil Drum: 2005-2010.

–15 bizarre college courses.

–Gasoline:$3 by Christmas, mini-apocalypse by spring.

–The evolution of the blogger – a roadmap.

–Opec may have to act if oil gets to $100.

–Cloud computing can cut data center energy by 38% by 2020.

–Butter contains flame retardant.

refinery utilization jumps 4.9% WoW

The Burrito Deluxe Award of the Week goes to refining in the US, which jumped a post-holiday-and-maintenance-tastic 4.9% last week – the biggest jump higher since September 2008.

The Burnt Burrito Award of the Week goes to crude oil. It broke through the $90 mark on Tuesday, only to profit-take and get cold feet ahead of news from Opec and China, doing little in the last three days.

The Burrito Headline of the Week: Oil workers scramble to clean up giant popcorn spill.

Have a rockin’ (around the Christmas tree) weekend!

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