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0 Oct 29 2010 @ 10:55am by Matt Smith in Crude Oil, Global Energy, Natural Gas, UK natural gas

Burrito Bites

Time flies when you’re having fun, hence October has twisted through at the speed of a Midwestern tornado. Monday sees November arrive on our doorstep, complete with a duffel bag full of data. As for this week,  US natural gas has seen a prompt month rollover propelling it to within grasping distance of $4 (cooler weather and a busy tail-end of hurricane season is lending support), while crude has spent the entire tenth month of this year bouncing around but bracketed inbetwixt $79-$84. Next week is gonna be as much fun as Halloween – but hopefully long on treats and short on spooks. Candy carriers at the ready: 

–Solution to ‘energy vampires’ (= things plugged in but not in use).

–Reappearance of Huge Plumes of Oil in the Gulf.

Time traveller in 1920s Charlie Chaplin film. (I wish so much this were true).

–Conoco Phillips is scaling back on US natural gas production due to low prices

–Why Marcellus Shale will disappoint expectations.

–Five places in the US where land is free.

–Natural gas price swings in the UK decline to 11-year low.

–World’s largest pumpkin.

–Couches made from recycled fridges.

–Find in Alaska is actually gas and not oil.

–Kimberly Clark rolls out tube-free toilet paper. (if Charmin won’t sponsor me, maybe Kimberly Clark will…).

Smart grids are a dumb idea.

–High Frequency Trading expose: 70% of stock market trades are held for an average of 11 seconds….actually, it isn’t true.

–The 20 scariest movies of all time.

–Shale Gas’s fractured hope.

–A dream dashed by a run on gas.

Cap and Trade’s impact on the Midterm elections.

The true cost of oil.

–Is Google a Monopoly?

–Bizarrely, one of my friends is famous for building a miniature version of New York out of staples (I feel so hip).

The Burrito Deluxe Award of the week goes to natural gas for showing some signs of life after its recent shoulder-month slumber.

The Burnt Burrito Award of the week goes to celebrity deaths in the animal kingdom this week – first Paul the psychic Octopus, then Fluffy, the world’s longest snake.

 Burrito Energy Headline of the WeekEnergy Superpower – policy midget.

Happy Halloween!

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