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11 Jan 22 2010 @ 10:25am by Matt Smith in Capital Markets, Crude Oil, Economy, Natural Gas

Burrito bites

Welcome to another set of snacks from the finger-food bowl of life, as we charge full pelt toward another weekend. As for this week’s highlights (or lowlights, depending on your point of view), the whipsaw action in equity markets has taken center stage, spurred twice fold: by concerns of China reining in their runaway economy, and by Mr Obama’s proposal of increased regulation of  banks to curb their evil risk-taking ways. As for our dearly beloved commodities, crude has pulled back to the mid-$70s with risk aversion and dollar strength swirling around, while natty has staunchly defended $5.50 and moved higher. Here are this week’s bites, get them while they’re warm (and still relevant):

— Why natural gas under the Gulf may not be a good thing.

— Michael Pento and his teepee-shaped recovery.

— I have applied to do this as my second job – hotel chain offers human bed warmers.

— Surreally screwed up…Afghans pay 25% of their GDP in bribes.

— The top 280 energy projects in the world today.

— More oddness – a couple who share their bed with a deer.

— An utterly, utterly brilliant piece by John Hussman on inflation myths and reality.

This week’s Burrito Deluxe Award goes to China. They printed 10.7% economic growth in Q4 2009, their highest level of growth since 2007. China may end up spurring a double-dip recession due to their insatiable appetite for commodities such as steel and coal, but without their blistering growth, would we have stood a chance of recovering in the first place? 

This week’s Burnt Burrito Award goes to equity markets as they have got toasted.

Question of the week: what noise does a bull make? A bear goes ‘grrr!’, a cow goes ‘moo!’, but I have no idea how to articulate the noise of a bull. The best answer (entered as a comment) will win a prize. Rock on!

11 Comments on this post:

  1. Matt Smith says:

    aw, c’mon. More inventive, please.

  2. Joe Higgins says:


  3. Prize Winner says:

    It’s actually a very soothing call similar to that of a hedgehog hibernating in a Minnesota forest mixed with a fawn calling out for her mother to gather food in the Springtime.

  4. Tessa Janes says:

    Both genders of cattle make the same noise, but a bull’s voice might be a little deeper. : )

  5. Ben Bartlett says:

    Based on their 4 – 15 road record, I’d say, “Clang!”

  6. Swanny says:


  7. Amanda D. says:

    It depends how hot the brand is. It very from “mooo” (loosely translated to stop, that tickles) to “rrroommooooo” (translated to hot tushy, mommy make it stop)

  8. Matt Smith says:

    wowee…I thought all votes had been cast, but one late comment could steal the mystery prize yet! The winner will be announced in tomorrow’s Burrito bites….thanks to everyone for participating!!

  9. Kevin Janes says:

    Tessa knows best. She grew up on a beef cattle farm.

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