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0 May 21 2010 @ 9:23am by Matt Smith in Capital Markets, Crude Oil, Economy, Natural Gas, Random

Burrito bites

Happy Friday once again!!! (I am trying to soften the blow of a hard week through overuse of exclamation marks…a vain attempt to make things seem just that little bit better…!!!!!!!!!). So….as this week’s market action swirls around the plughole of time (anti-clockwise, for the majority of readers), let’s overlook the ucky stuff, because frankly, there’s not enough spoonfuls of sugar to help the medicine go down. Let’s place big bets on small mercies, and converge upon the canapés: 

–Ah, my people, my people….Brits float across lake on a bouncy castle.

 –The reality is that the world can’t live without deepwater oil.

–Solar power could produce 25% of global electricity by 2050.

–Hand washing helps us live with our choices.

–A battery that stores wind juice.

US leasing reforms for oil and gas are underway in light of the Gulf spill.

Shark-shaped sleeping bag.

–Last year’s economic turmoil caused global sales of natural gas to fall by 3.4%.

–Graphical representation of the four bad equity bear markets.

–The 3 Facebook settings every user should check now.

Scientists create synthetic life.

–Canadian Oil Sands set to become top US oil import.

–This is INSANE  – bike avoids car crash.

The Burrito Deluxe Award of the week goes to colleague (and burrito editor), Bradley T Samples, who is leaving us today and heading off for greener pastures. The absence of his intelligence, eccentricity, and general randomness will leave us less informed, less bemused, and also less entertained.   

The Burnt Burrito Award of the week is retained by the euro, for being an absolute and complete dog. Four year-lows and falling. At this point, it seems like an unsanctimonious break-up of the euro is not beyond the realms.

May your weekend be as fun as a wheel barrow full of monkeys.

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