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0 Jul 26 2013 @ 12:30pm by Matt Smith in Blog, Crude Oil, Global Energy, Natural Gas, Random

Burrito bites

Good day! Our buddies crude oil and natural gas are charging lower into the weekend, as profit-taking and fears of a Chinese slowdown weigh heavily on Texas tea. As for natural gas, temperatures for the peak of summertime are set to be very mild and meek indeed, spurring on selling. With the weekend ahoy, here are some snacks to enjoy:

–Explaining commodity warehousing through scripture.

Commentary on the commentary of the presumed death of peak oil.

–Quiz time! VP or MVP?

–Strangers in the night…(WTI & Brent).

–Time to repeal the Jones Act?

–The ages of 23 and 69 are when we will be happiest.

–How the liquefied natural gas process works.

Solar-skinned buildings.

The ghost towns of China.

–Study affirms Saudi Arabia to become a net importer of oil by 2040.

–Energy independence is a terribly stupid idea.

–Future US energy production threatened by water shortages?

–18 fascinating science facts geeks will love.

On the topic of geeks, the Burrito Deluxe Award of the Week goes to Eric Bickel, returning to our Global Research & Analytics team on Monday. Hooray!

The Burnt Burrito Award of the Week goes to the death of George Mitchell. George was the godfather of fracking, and has died at the ripe old age of 94.

Have a wünderbar weekend!

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