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0 Jul 19 2013 @ 10:55am by Matt Smith in Crude Oil, Economy, Global Energy, Natural Gas

Burrito bites

Good Day, and welcome to another edition of burrito bites! We exit this week with WTI crude oil making 16-month highs, and reaching parity with Brent crude…something that didn’t seem too realistic 4 weeks ago (and $17 dollars lower). Meanwhile, natural gas has bounced from the 200-day moving average, but has little impetus to move too much in either direction, with uninspiring weather outlooks, but the peak of hurricane season still pending. Anyhow…snacks ahoy!:

–We should start exporting oil.

–Will UK follow France in banning leaving lights on overnight?

–20 secret passageways and hidden rooms.

–Car ownership may be down in the US but it is soaring globally.

–You are more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes if you are drinking beer or pregnant. (Or both).

–If you care for the environment you should welcome fracking.

–Is energy different from blueberries? Not in free trade. (h/t Kevin Cowart)

–Energy use in the US for 2012 in one chart.

–Study finds fracking chemicals didn’t pollute water. (h/t Eric Maldini)

–Why you think your phone is vibrating when its not.

–Infographic: where energy and obesity collide…fatricity.

–If Texas was a country, it would be the 9th largest oil producer (by the the end of this year).

–10 everyday occurrences which are hurting the economy.

The Burrito Deluxe Award of the Week goes to the efforts to put infrastructure in place to adapt in an effort to alleviate the supply glut at Cushing, ultimately bringing WTI crude oil back to relevance as a global benchmark.

The Burnt Burrito Award of the Week goes to pollution cutting China’s collective life expectancy by more than 2.5 billion years (5.5 years of life from 5 million people in the 1990’s).

Have a hair-raising weekend!


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