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0 Jun 15 2012 @ 10:54am by Matt Smith in Crude Oil, Global Energy, Natural Gas

Burrito bites

Happy Friday once again! US natural gas has had its week defined by a rampant 14% rally on Thursday due to a bullish storage report, after prices had rappelled down to seven-week lows. Crude has been relatively unmoved by a non-eventful Opec meeting, pressured lower by continued poor economic data, yet supported by hopes of a coordinated bout of stimulus by central banks to prop up the global economy again. Snacks ahoy!

–The world’s biggest natural gas powerhouses, by country.

–China could be hiding a whole Japan’s worth of carbon emissions. (h/t Eric Bickel)

–10 incredible inventions by kids.

–The gas is always greener (when it leaks less).

–America’s new energy reality.

–The most unusual vending machines.

–A new study on US natural gas exports.

–Infographic: American corporate buzzwords through the decades.

–Philosophical theory through The Muppets.

–On the trail of oil-munching organisms.

–2 simple ways to protect your Facebook account.

–Iran oil storage at sea seen rising to 42 million barrels.

–Infographic – US employment growth by state.

–Price and technology are driving US oil production.

–25 things you (probably) didn’t know about Mad Men.

The Burrito Deluxe Award of the Week goes to a non-eventful Opec meeting. Given the tension with Iran ahead of sanctions, and the range of views from potentially boosting production (Saudi) to cutting it (Venezuela, Iran), it seems positive the cartel has exited the meeting unscathed and without drama.

The Burnt Burrito Award of the Week goes to the disgraceful and frankly depressing events that are going on in Syria.

Have a grateful weekend.

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